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We’ve worked with many colleges and universities through the years, and we recognize the challenges they face, including the difficult task of reaching key targets in a shrinking market. imediagroup also understands the sensitive matter of communicating educational promotions in high-quality, trusted environments. We place ads only on premium sites that attract prospects, while projecting the proper image for the schools.


A major university in a top metro market


Primary goal was to build brand awareness for the university among MBA candidates ages 25 to 54, including international students, in local and feeder markets.

Building awareness among undergraduate students was a secondary goal.


We created a powerful integrated campaign by using local network news programming and primetime news formats as well as cable networks. Channels included Fox, ABC, Lifetime and HGTV.

Ads also ran on directories in malls close to the university, and the creative had a tie-in with nearby retailers. Another strategy was to place ads in directories of airports that international prospects were likely to visit. In addition, we digitally targeted people in the city and feeder markets who had searched online for higher education content relating to MBAs in the past 48 hours.

The banner ads that ran on news, finance and premium education sites featured commercials. Units also ran on online radio and on-demand television.



Exceeded gross rating points (GRP) expectations.


Achieved excellent click-through rate.


website traffic.


Measurable increase
of overall reach and
gross impressions.


High inquiries for
both undergraduate and
MBA programs.


College renewed
and repeated the
entire program.