Connecting at the critical point

imediagroup provides media plans for many top hospitals and healthcare providers across the country as well as their ad agencies. Our executive team co-founded the Medical Marketing Association of the Northeast (MMA), which includes hospital administrators, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, ad agencies and media firms. We are experts in strategy and marketing for healthcare.


Regional hospital system


To drive prospects to the client’s website via sponsored search links and banner ads while building brand awareness.


We created a digital media program consisting of pay-per-click search engine marketing and targeted banner advertising.

For the SEM component, our search engine experts determined the keywords that prospects would use when searching for care in the areas of pediatrics, women’s health, orthopedics and organ transplants. Our client’s sponsored links appeared when prospects in key designated market areas typed those keywords into top search engines.

We also targeted a subset of the audience with banner advertising that ran on premium websites. This slice consisted of women ages 25 through 49 who lived in key DMAs, had health insurance, and sought health information on topics such as pediatrics, pregnancy and mammography.

We reached these women when they visited premium sites or went to specific health, family and news sites that index highly with the desired audience. Ads ran on and as well as premium local media sites.



The client’s links achieved top positioning in sponsored search results.


The click-through rate of the banner ads was in Comscore’s excellent range and exceeded the client’s expectations.