Targeted Campaigns

Carol Timberlake

President & CEO
Timberlake Media Services, Inc.

Timberlake Media is a full service media planning, buying and implementation firm that is hired by companies looking for strategic media solutions.

We’ve been working with imediagroup for the past two years because of their excellent relationships and bandwidth among both national and international magazine publishers. When solving complex media solutions that require a magazine component, and with not a lot of time to execute, imediagroup steps in and does the leg work for us, resulting in sound research, targeting and very aggressive rate packages.

Specifically, we were tasked with targeting international in-flight magazines in both the Middle East and Central/South America and only a couple days to turn around a solid media solution. Our team turned to imediagroup to help facilitate the request. They were able to quickly identify titles, detail, and because of on-going relationships with the publishers, able to implement deep page rate discounts on our behalf.

Our client was very happy that Timberlake was able to provide a solid solution quickly and efficiently. imediagroup’s attention to detail, customer service and aggressive negotiating clout helps elevate Timberlake Media’s ability to provide the best solution for our clients.

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