Fashion and Beauty

Designed to attract

Fashion and beauty brands are second nature to members of our team, many of whom have worked not only with leading fashion magazine brands such as Vogue, Glamour, WElle, Allure and Town & Country, but also with fashion and beauty manufacturers, retailers and ad agencies.


Major Midwest fashion retail chain


To raise awareness of new locations and drive prospects to make in-store and online purchases.


Created an integrated campaign with ads that customers saw when they visited certain websites in categories like shopping, entertainment, fashion and women’s interests. Those premium properties included the sites of Redbook, Elle, Town & Country, W, and Harper’s Bazaar. Individuals were also served ads on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

We found our preferred audience using data from providers such as BlueKai and Experian. That group consisted of women interested in fashion and beauty who shop online; live within 15 miles of new or existing stores in 12 markets; and are within specific age ranges. In some markets, the ads reached women ages 35 to 54; in others – based on client data about likely buyers in certain areas – ads reached women ages 18 to 34 or ages 25 to 54.

Content in the ads rotated throughout the campaign, and the units drove visitors to landing sites relating to relevant grand openings and other store events and sales.



Outstanding in-store traffic during the campaign.

The campaign ran two weeks before the grand opening, during and two weeks after.


Increased online shopping
by 36 percent.

The conversion rate of women who saw the ad and made online purchases exceeded the client’s campaign goals.


There was a measurably
high click-through rate to
landing pages.