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Bringing it all home

With our expertise in reaching precise demographic targets, imediagroup knows how to forge a connection with the perfect home buying prospects in every market.


Luxury homes builder


Entice wealthy real estate seeker prospects in local markets to visit builder’s model luxury homes around signature golf communities. Sell all luxury residential units by project target date.


imediagroup built a digital geo-targeted, behavioral and demographic program to reach wealthy real estate prospects ages 35 to 54, with $150,000 household income.

  • Target consumers with interests in country club lifestyles near prestigious golf courses. Drive website traffic and increase sales.
  • Use advanced programmatic methods with prestigious contextual sites including,,,,, and many others in specific markets. Match interests in communities with clubhouses, spa, pool and all luxury amenities.
  • Qualitative: Interests in the arts, luxury, finer living; could be interested in adding a residence or moving in the next year.
  • Use of retargeting to capture those who had visited the website.
Secondary interests:
  • Reach prospects with upper income $150K+, high net worth prospects looking for secondary residences, and recent empty nesters, with prestige and golf interests.
  • Interest in community with country club lifestyles.
  • Primary: Austin, TX DMA
  • Secondary: Texas (Dallas, Houston, San Antonio), Los Angeles
  • Business Hub Cities (New York, Chicago, San Francisco)



Drove qualified prospects inquiries and visits to model properties, phone inquiries, and websites


Reached highly qualified prospects and booked record numbers of visits


Sold all luxury residential units by target dates