Aggregated Digital Networks

Precise targeting. maximum efficiency

Buying in volume allows for highly competitive rates, and aggregating various sites ensures that your campaign can reach any size market. Using ComScore and proprietary data tools, imediagroup can also reveal the sites your prospects actually visit.

We have access to more than 10,000 premium local and national sites that are customized by hundreds of industry categories. In addition, imediagroup offers national, regional or local targeting by zip code. All impressions are delivered on premium, first tier, above-the-fold inventory.


  • Captures best prospects and delivers ads based on prior interests in products/services
  • Consumers are anonymously identified based on actions taken on a website
  • Customers are driven back to the website to complete an action
  • Focuses on driving traffic to the advertiser’s website
  • Re-captures potential prospects after they have left the website
  • Start immediately with the brand and scale up from there
  • Cost effective strategy