Crafting gold-standard media plans for blue-chip clients

Many of us have spent years of our careers holding key positions at leading ad agencies and premium magazines working with luxury category clients. We now use our collective expertise to help clients and agencies select and employ print, digital and other media vehicles to successfully reach customers in local, national and international markets who purchase jewelry and watches.


Major jewelry manufacturer


Primary goal was to obtain email addresses of qualified prospective jewelry buyers. 

Secondary objectives were to build awareness for the jewelry and support retail partners.


We created banner ads designed to entice prospects to click through to a campaign landing page. On that site they could provide an email address to enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win a jewelry shopping spree at a participating retail partner, such as a jeweler or national department store.

The ads were aimed at a target audience that was 70% female, with a household income of $100,000, and initially included online jewelry shoppers, fashion and beauty consumers, affluent parents and Hispanic women. After the first month of the new campaign, we began targeting anonymous IP addresses of “look-alikes” – those who shared a “customer DNA” with the campaign’s best performers. We also re-targeted prospects who visited the landing page.

The ads ran on premium fashion, style and entertainment websites that were contextually relevant, including the sites of Elle, People, Glamour, Vogue, Town & Country and Marie Claire. We used sophisticated programmatic systems to boost response with prospects.



More than
30,000 visits to the
landing page.


Increased the click-through
rate by 70 percent over the
previous campaign.


Client received an extensive, high-quality list of qualified jewelry prospects.