Dr, Patrick Dennis

Media Analyst/
Education Category Expert

Patrick works with imediagroup’s marketing, strategy, copywriting, customer relations and account teams to create concept-driven programs targeted to the needs of our clients.

With a Ph.D. in the History of Ideas from the University of Texas at Dallas, Patrick combines his academic background with a firm understanding of the power of innovative messaging, offering clients a unique insight into the big ideas that lead to big results. His work on the importance of language, study of translation, and experience teaching courses in history, the humanities and composition, have given him special skill in developing effective oral and written communication strategies.

A former faculty member of the University of Texas at Dallas and the Dallas International School, Patrick also serves as an education category expert, with his vast experience in the college and university setting providing an informed knowledge of how best to address this specialized market. In addition, Patrick’s expertise extends to sports sponsorships and initiatives for related categories.

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